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GDPR - Integrity Policy

This privacy policy explains how 2Home Hotel Apartments collects and uses your personal information when you use our platform to contact us or send a booking request.

By accepting our privacy policy, processing of the personal data provided in the booking form is accepted. The information that 2Home Hotel Apartments collects is the information you choose to leave yourself. You can always choose not to provide information to us, however, we need some information in order to provide our services. 

The purpose of collecting your data is to be able to handle your booking, contact you with important information prior to, during and after your stay at 2Home Hotel Apartments.

What data do we store
We collect information about first and last name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

How is the data shared?
People working with us. - Your personal information will be shared with people who work with us when needed. Your personal information is only shared with people who need access to them in order to perform their jobs, for example to provide customer support or to help you manage your booking. Of course, all our staff are subject to strict confidentiality.

Service providers. - Your personal information may be shared with partners that help us provide our services or provide us with other services that require your personal data to be processed. For example, we store and provide using Umbraco and use Impera as our IT-support provider. There may also be other service providers who help us with things like marketing, email and the like. 

Your personal information will only be shared with external parties to provide you with 2Home Hotel Apartments’ services and to handle our daily tasks. Service providers only use the right and share your information to provide us with their services or if required to fulfill legal obligations. 

When required by law or for legitimate purposes. Sometimes we may need to share your personal information with others due to legal obligations. For example, when required to respond to a request from the police, regulatory authority or other public authorities. We may also share your personal information if it is necessary to defend or prevent fraud in connection to a legal process.

For how long is your information saved?
2Home Hotel Apartments saves personal information as long as the data is needed to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. How long this is depends on what kind of information it is. We regularly check the need, taking into account applicable legal requirements. 

Change / delete personal data
Personal data processed will be deleted when you revoke your consent or when the purpose you agreed to has been met. You are entitled to request that we provide information about your information, request a correction, or withdraw your consent to saving data. If you would like to contact us to find out what information we have, change information or ask us to delete your data, please contact our Data Protection Officer